Lisa Reihana: Emissaries is a beautifully designed and exquisitely illustrated examination of one of Aotearoa New Zealand’s most ambitious artworks, in Pursuit of Venus [infected], for its presentation at the 57th Venice Biennale. Comprising seven essays by leading scholars and curators, a lively conversational exchange, and insights into the career of Lisa Reihana (Ngāpuhi, Ngātihine, Ngāi Tu), the book provides a captivating account of the sources that influenced the artist’s expansive creative endeavour and how the Venice exhibition might be understood within the context of transnational indigenous art making.

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in Pursuit Of Venus

An exploration of a six-year project by one of Aotearoa New Zealand's leading artists. The book establishes the artistic and cultural contexts of Reihana's exquisitely realised video work in Pursuit of Venus [infected] 2015. It traces the artist's sources and inspiration and describes the work's complex production. Presented in an innovative and sympathetic design that combines 18th-century typographic sensibilities with contemporary and historic Māori and Pacific imagery. The texts provide the most detailed analysis of Reihana's practice to date and include beautiful images that highlight key scenes within the video and stunning portraits of the main characters.

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The exhibition catalogue includes images of Reihana’s work as well as extensive images of the Cinemania installation at Campbelltown Arts Centre, and features a foreword by Michael Dagostino, essays by Kathryn Bunn, José Da Silva, Ella Henry, Marcia Langton and Rachel Shearer, as well as a conversation between Lisa Reihana and Alex Monteith.

Available from Campbelltown Arts Centre

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Suspended Histories

Published on the occasion of an exhibition at the Museum Van Loon in Amsterdam, this catalogue reflects the curatorial thinking and perspectives of an art historian constantly questioning the role of art in relation to history. In it a multiplicity of connections between collections of colonial history with responses by contemporary artists are presented, engaging and reactivating these so-called suspended histories from a post-colonial standpoint. Rife with artworks, thoughtful essays and shots of the exhibit in the gorgeous interiors of the Van Loon house, the book included work by eleven participating artists, among them, Fiona Tan, Simryn Gill, Newell Harry and Tiong Ang.

Available from Museum Van Loon

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